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Is Wix website good for business?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

With a Wix website your business gets a website builder that is not only easy to use, but also able to create beautiful websites, and is fully customizable. A Wix website is focused on built-in marketing tools and specific needs of small business owners. With the extra features and marketing tools, Wix is something that would enable new site owners to extend the reach of their site further without having extensive technical knowledge or additional resources. 

What Business Industries Work With a Wix Website?

If you can think of a niche or industry a Wix Website can cover its individual needs. Upon sign up for Wix, you're allowed to choose whether you are a restaurant, band, real estate, etc. Your settings are then preset along with featured templates. It makes for an extremely fast set up.

(below article from the ledger)

Wix is our pick for the best overall site builder

Chances are you should build your business website with Wix. It makes it easy to create basic pages, a blog, a store, or all three—and they look good. It has loads of customization options too, so you can create exactly the website you imagine when you close your eyes.

Whether you’re creating a blog about your experiences as a dog trainer, crafting a portfolio for your infant photography business, building a store for your handmade rocking chairs, or just developing a simple website so your customers can find your septic pumping business, Wix can handle the task with ease.

Plus, the price is right: Wix offers business plans that start as low as $23 per month, making it competitive with similar website builders and cheaper than dedicated e-commerce builders.

Which isn’t to say that Wix is perfect. WordPress has better SEO features, BigCommerce has more e-commerce capabilities, and GoDaddy is a little cheaper. But Wix offers a well-rounded solution that provides the most value to the most people.

Why can we confidently say Wix is one of the best providers out there? Because of our thorough testing process, in which we scored Wix on its usability, design, and customization. These scores reflect our experience building a site with Wix and how that experience compared to other website builders we tested.

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